Denver Broncos mock draft making all off-the-wall picks

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Pick 108: Jake Moody, K, Michigan

Alright, you had me going with the tight end thing. I can even accept the running back. But a kicker in the fourth round? Are you insane?!

Yes, let's get a little crazy with this one. The Denver Broncos need to upgrade their special teams overall and I won't be surprised to see them go after a kicker from this year's rookie class. I'm not sure any of the rookie kickers outside of Jake Moody could simply beat Brandon McManus outright, but you never know.

Jake Moody is considered the best kicker in this class. He nailed a 59-yard field goal in a game last season and proved that he has outrageous range and leg strength.

Just look at how high the ball is by the goalpost here when it crosses over from 51 yards out. This kick wouldn't have had the accuracy, but certainly would have had the distance from 60-plus and likely much further.

The Broncos want to make sure they are efficient on special teams. They are clearly taking an approach in terms of building the roster that these little details matter. The kicking game can make or break your season and after last year, it was really tough to see McManus going through some struggles, not just in terms of the team asking him to make ridiculously long kicks at times but from inside 40 yards and on extra points.

You simply cannot afford to be inefficient from that range. You can go 50 percent from 50-plus, but when you are even semi-consistently missing kicks inside of 40 yards or missing extra points? Well, you ain't beating the Chiefs with those kinds of mistakes.