Denver Broncos mock draft making all off-the-wall picks

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Pick 68: Tyjae Spears, RB, Tulane

As far as being "off-the-wall" or "outside the box", this is pretty conservative I would say. Depending on who you ask, I think the general NFL Draft community is very high on Tulane running back Tyjae Spears and a lot of Denver Broncos fans absolutely love him as well.

Spears runs hard, he is a tremendous receiver, and he has outstanding contact balance. The idea of he and Javonte Williams, along with newcomer Samaje Perine, all in the same backfield? I mean, it probably doesn't get much more physical than that at the running back position.

I suppose where this becomes "outside the box" type of thinking is more so in terms of what you are passing on. A lot of the perception right now is that the Denver Broncos need to draft offensive line even after spending a ton of money on Mike McGlinchey and Ben Powers. They very well could invest more in the offensive line, and I don't even doubt that they should do that.

But the team also needs offensive playmakers. This is an offense that has struggled to look even competent in recent years. Although the offensive line deserves its share of the blame for that, so do the skill players. The Broncos lost Javonte Williams last year and veteran Latavius Murray ended up looking like one of the team's biggest stars offensively.

With all due respect to Murray, that's an embarrassment for the Broncos and it's crazy it ever came to that. The Broncos thought they were good with the investments they made in Williams, Melvin Gordon, and Mike Boone. They ended up being the opposite of good. So what happens in 2023 if Javonte Williams can't start the season and Samaje Perine suffers some kind of injury?

Where do the Broncos turn then?

I think running back is more of a priority in this NFL Draft than meets the eye, and Tyjae Spears in round three might seem like a luxury for a lot of people but if the Broncos can't run the ball effectively, they are not going to be able to execute Sean Payton's plan. They need a loaded stable of backs to accomplish the plan, and if they all end up staying healthy, that's a good problem to have.