Broncos make franchise-altering trade in this 2024 NFL mock draft

Do the Broncos get their quarterback? You bet they do.

Sean Payton, Denver Broncos
Sean Payton, Denver Broncos / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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. EDGE. J.J. Weaver. 7. player. J.J. Weaver. . 528. . J.J. Weaver

For the second-straight pick, the Broncos go pass rusher. Obviously, some fans would have liked to address this spot earlier in the draft, but at the very least, Denver is bringing in two draft picks at the position.

Kentucky's J.J. Weaver stands a little taller than the aforementioned Duke, at 6-foot-5, and comes into the league having been productive both as a pass rusher and against the run. He'll have to refine his pass rush technique a bit if he'll make it in the NFL, but his effort against the run doesn't go unnoticed.

. 466. Jared Wiley. . TE. Jared Wiley. 7. player. Jared Wiley.

With their final pick in the draft, the Broncos throw a dart at a tight end who could potentially turn into a diamond in the rough. TCU's Jared Wiley stands 6-foot-6 and is a factor in both the passing game and in blocking. He's a big target with good hands, but the lack of strength in his lower frame has made it tougher on him to do much after the catch.