Broncos vs. Vikings: The Super Bowl that never was

The Denver Broncos and Minnesota Vikings were set to meet in one of the most epic Super Bowls of all-time... until things changed.

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Randy Moss
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The Vikings might have been even better in the regular season

If you remember back to the 1998 NFL Draft, there is one thing that should stick out above everything else, and that is all of the teams that passed on Marshall wide receiver Randy Moss.

He finally landed in Minnesota with the No. 22 overall pick and that changed the team for the better. Moss proceeded to have what many believe is the best rookie season by any player in NFL history, and it started an offensive firestorm in Minnesota.

Fans remember the connection between Moss and Daunte Culpepper years later, but Moss and Randall Cunningham formed an incredible combination right off the bat. This sparked the Vikings to a 15-1 regular season where their only loss came at Tampa Bay, where a late touchdown run by Mike Alstott allowed the Bucs to win by a three points.

The Broncos scored 501 points that season but the Vikings were even better, posting 556 points. To that point, those 556 points were the most by a team in a season in NFL history (that record has since been broken). They were the two highest-scoring teams in the league and with a combined record of 29-3, it looked like one of the better Super Bowl matchups in a long time.