Denver Broncos major questions at every position after Chiefs loss

Biggest questions at every position group for Denver Broncos after Chiefs loss

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Why are we not seeing more of Riley Moss at corner? (When will the team be fed up with Damarri Mathis?)

At some point, the team has to get fed up with Damarri Mathis. Mathis has been constantly out of position through the first six weeks of the season and hasn't looked anywhere close to the player we saw for the majority of 2022, when he looked like a sure-fire starter on the outside.

This year, Mathis has looked more like a rookie than he did in his rookie season. At this point, what could it hurt the Broncos to play rookie Riley Moss? At some point, people are going to start wondering why the team traded a future 3rd-round pick to get Moss if all he does is special teams. The Broncos need to do something different in the near future.

Will Justin Simmons and Kareem Jackson go down with the ship?

At this point, you've got to wonder if two of the key veterans on this team -- safeties Justin Simmons and Kareem Jackson -- will ultimately go down with this ship. Or will they ask to be traded? Most reports indicate right now that the Denver Broncos are open for business as it deals with trades, but they aren't having a "fire sale". You can't help but wonder, though, for players like Justin Simmons and Kareem Jackson, who have been on losing teams for most of their careers, if they might ask to go to another team.


I don't think Simmons and Jackson would make a big fuss about it, by any means. These guys are professionals and Simmons, in particular, is a leader on this team. But he's going to be 30 years old very soon and the only winning season he's been part of was in 2016 when he was a rookie. I wouldn't blame him if Simmons asked to be traded to a contender.

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