Denver Broncos major questions at every position after Chiefs loss

Biggest questions at every position group for Denver Broncos after Chiefs loss

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Did the team put too many eggs in the Greg Dulcich basket?

Simply put, the Denver Broncos put too many eggs in the Greg Dulcich "basket". The Broncos largely passed on two straight talented free agent tight end classes. They passed on a loaded NFL Draft class in 2023. Now, they've got Adam Trautman as the TE1 on the team and Trautman presents a very low-upside option who is not under contract beyond 2023.

Greg Dulcich was supposed to be this team's TE1 and a major weapon in the passing game, but he can't stay healthy. He's been dealing with hamstring problems since June 2022, and they haven't really gotten any better. The Broncos shouldn't have passed on so many good players at this position, but they did, and it's not working out.

How was the scouting so off on big-money FA Mike McGlinchey?

Someone really needs to get after Sean Payton for the Mike McGlinchey signing. The Broncos gave McGlinchey a ton of money in free agency, and gave out the only five-year deal for any unrestricted free agent on the market. So far, everyone's fears about McGlinchey -- as a pass protector -- have been realized. Fans have nicknamed him "McFlinchey" because of his countless false start penalties.

How was the scouting so off here? McGlinchey played out an entire five-year rookie deal in San Francisco. The Broncos might have been better off going with a budget-friendly option or draft pick in 2023, because the scouting report on McGlinchey (and his inability to consistently pass protect) has proven to be true.