Denver Broncos major questions at every position after Chiefs loss

Biggest questions at every position group for Denver Broncos after Chiefs loss

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The Denver Broncos have been a pathetic 0-16 against the Kansas City Chiefs since about midway through the 2015 season. The Broncos have won a Super Bowl since the last time they beat the Kansas City Chiefs, but these two franchises have been on absolutely opposite trajectories ever since that game. The team's latest loss to the Chiefs in Week 6 of the 2023 season has brought forth a ton of questions about the franchise's future.

Certainly, the roster is subject to change. The Broncos traded 2022 big-money free agent Randy Gregory to the San Francisco 49ers in a pick swap. Frank Clark, who signed a modest free agent deal in the middle of the summer, gave his money back to the Broncos to facilitate his own release. Not to mention, the Russell Wilson trade isn't working out at all. The Mike McGlinchey signing is looking disastrous.

The Broncos haven't had a first-round pick since 2021 (Pat Surtain II). They haven't had a top 50 draft pick since then, either. This team is reflecting multiple years of bad moves and no high draft selections, which is the opposite of what GM George Paton hoped when he took over this "sleeping giant" of a roster.

After the team's loss to the Chiefs and with a little extra time to reflect, let's look at major question marks for every position group on the roster, save for the kicking game.

Major question marks for Denver Broncos roster after latest Chiefs loss

When will the Broncos bench Russell Wilson?

This is a pretty massive question with major financial implications, and was answered pretty great over the weekend. Barring an unforeseen run of wins, the Broncos are almost certain to part ways with Russell Wilson after the 2023 season. The primary reason being: The team can save $37 million in guaranteed cash Wilson is owed in 2025 by cutting him before the 5th day of the 2024 league year (in March).

Yes, the Broncos are still on the hook for Wilson's 2024 salary and option bonus, and yes, they would have $85 million in dead money between 2024 and 2025 if they cut Wilson in 2024. It's just a pill they are going to have to swallow. By being released, Wilson could sign elsewhere and potentially offset some of the dead money in Denver. Perhaps he would acknowledge just how awful things have been and facilitate a restructure before being released or traded.

Who knows?

Ultimately, Wilson's legacy has taken a pretty major hit in Denver. It's not like he's been great and the team has been bad. Wilson has struggled in Denver and he's been publicly harassed at every turn. The Broncos cannot cut Wilson after this season, however, if he somehow sustains some type of significant in-season injury. With that being said, if things continue to go south, don't be shocked to see Jarrett Stidham after the bye week or sometime shortly after that.