Denver Broncos have given a master class on how not to turn things around in the NFL

The last decade of Denver Broncos football has severely tarnished what was one of the best-run football franchises in the league.

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Teddy Bridgewater, Denver Broncos
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Going with Teddy Bridgewater over Drew Lock

This decision never has and never will make any sense. It always was a decision that felt like the "safe" move in order for Vic Fangio to save his job as the team's head coach. But it was a bad decision, and the results proved it.

Bridgewater might have been efficient, but he was never going to challenge a defense. He was just going to do enough to not lose the game. Playing not to lose will always get you beat. And that team, that year, got beat.

Lock was entering his third year and had a total of 18 starts in 2019 and 2020. You can say he was a bad quarterback, but there wasn't enough time to determine whether he was good or bad. Fangio just stunted any chance for growth with this decision and in the end, it didn't even save him his job as he was fired following the season.