Denver Broncos have a 4 step process to return to Super Bowl glory

Right now, it's clear; the Denver Broncos have a 4 step process they must follow to return to Super Bowl glory.

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Step 4: Be aggressive in 2025 free agency and 2025 NFL Draft

Strapped with a ton of cap space and draft capital, the Denver Broncos last step of this plan is to be aggressive in free agency and in the 2025 NFL Draft. If the first three steps of this plan are realized, the Broncos will be a team poised to break out in 2025 on the hopes that their encouraging rookie QB makes the year two leap, which so many other QBs have done before.

The QB entering his second season obviously means he is still on a rookie contract, so the Broncos would be wise to take advantage of that. Many teams who have recently made the Super Bowl have had QBs on rookie deals, which gives them the opportunity to spend and load up on other positions.

Now, when I say be aggressive, I am not saying that the team needs to be reckless, rather be aggressive but calculated with the free agency additions. The 2025 free agency market is obviously not known yet, and it won't be known for a long while, but there will surely be a ton of talent available, and if the Broncos have a strong 2024 season with a rookie quarterback, teams will want to come on board.

Just look at the 2023 Houston Texans; they went 10-7 with their own rookie QB, came into the offseason with a ton of cap space, and have made smart free agency decisions in an obvious plan to load up for 2024 and beyond.

The 2023 Houston Texans and 2024 Denver Broncos can ideally end up being the same team. This is the hope, and this is the four-step plan for the Broncos to return to Super Bowl glory.