Denver Broncos have a 4 step process to return to Super Bowl glory

Right now, it's clear; the Denver Broncos have a 4 step process they must follow to return to Super Bowl glory.

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Step 3: Enter offseason with a mountain of cap space and replenished draft capital

According to Over The Cap, the Denver Broncos are going to have over $100 million in cap space in 2025, which is a huge number. Now yes, there are other teams who are expected to have more, but you have to figure how many of those teams will be in a more urgent situation to win and the potential that they don't have as much as the Broncos.

Even with the Broncos having the Russell Wilson dead money still impacting them in 2025, the team is going to have money to spend. And when you look across the roster and what could happen between now and then, the Broncos may not have many huge contracts.

They aren't going to have a massive QB contract, and may only be investing significant money into their offensive line, which is a good unit to do that. All in all, the Broncos are likely to be rich with cap space and draft picks.

The team will have a second-round pick in 2025, unless that somehow gets traded. Right now, according to, the Broncos have a first, second, third, fourth, and two sixth-round picks in the 2025 NFL Draft. This does not count any capital that the team could get by trading players or even compensatory picks.

The Broncos could acquire several more picks with those two avenues benefitting the team. Cap space and draft picks being stocked up is the third step of this plan.