Denver Broncos have a 4 step process to return to Super Bowl glory

Right now, it's clear; the Denver Broncos have a 4 step process they must follow to return to Super Bowl glory.

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Step 2: Field a respectable team in '24, win 8 or 9 games and show progress on offense

There were some parts of the 2023 Denver Broncos to like. The run blocking was strong, and the defense really came on in the second half of the season. The special teams unit was also nothing short of excellent, and just as an overall product, the 2023 Broncos were a solid, competitive football team, being able to notch wins against a plethora of playoff teams.

I think in 2024 with a rookie quarterback, you have to expect the team to build on their 2023 progress. The hope is that the defense does not start out on a historically bad pace like they did in 2023. A stronger run defense would actually fix quite a bit with that unit.

And honestly, how likely is it that the defense starts out 2024 as the worst in NFL history like they did in 2023? I just don't see that being realistic, especially with Vance Joseph now in year two. The next part of this equation is the QB being a stronger fit within the offense, which should help the running and passing game.

Russell Wilson was not a good fit in Sean Payton's offense, but I think we all know that. Even a rookie QB can end up being more efficient than Russell Wilson was in 2023. Being able to play on time and especially being able to use the middle of the field is going to be huge for Payton.

Both Bo Nix and JJ McCarthy are two quarterbacks who can do just that. Being able to field a more efficient passing game is going to force opposing defenses to pin their ears back a bit more, allowing for a better chance to also be an efficient running team.

I think if these things happen, the Broncos can get into that eight or nine-win range. If it all goes well, I don't see how the Broncos can't enjoy the shocking success that the 2023 Houston Texans had. Truly, this all hinges on the rookie QB being a homerun.

And if he is, and if the defense can simply be a top-12 unit for a majority of the season, this is going to be a solid football team, likely hovering between 8-10 wins in 2024.

Now, step three!