Denver Broncos: Going all-out to fix the defense in 2024

Almost nothing was going for the Denver Broncos defense in 2023.

Denver Broncos v Houston Texans
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3. 2024 NFL Draft

The 2024 NFL Draft could be the cherry on top for the Denver Broncos if they came away with that free agency haul. I think the first-round pick in this scenario could still be a DL or EDGE player even with those additions. However, I also think wide receiver could be in the mix as well, or even tackle. Since this article is focused on the defense, I think the Broncos could easily grab a defender with their first pick.

Just take a look at the San Francisco 49ers; they have truly stocked up on their DL pieces in recent years, and their backup DLs would be starters on many other teams. So just because Denver would bring in much-needed DL and EDGE help does not mean they should not continue to add.


Players on defense that the Broncos could draft in the first round include CB Kool-Aid McKinstry, EDGE Dallas Turner, EDGE Chop Robinson, or DT Jer'Zhan Newton. Any one of these additions would be a huge boost to the Denver Broncos. Simply put, Denver just needs some dawgs on this side of the ball in 2024. I think Vance Joseph should take part of the blame, but he did not have much talent to work with at all.

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