Denver Broncos free agency predictions: Loading up on offense

Sayre Bedinger
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6. Sign David Montgomery and Latavius Murray at RB

Although there is some optimism that Javonte Williams could be ready to go for the start of the 2023 NFL season, the last thing the Denver Broncos need to do is rush him to action. Williams plays a very physical brand of football, and putting him on the field at anything less than 100 percent would be a mistake.

The running back room should probably be built in such a way that the Broncos don't need to bring Williams back at all in 2023, or maybe plan on him playing only in the second half of the season.

As such, they will need to take advantage of the depth of this year's free agent running back class which includes Latavius Murray, who apparently helped recruit Sean Payton to the Broncos late last season.

It also includes a couple of direct connections to new RBs coach Lou Ayeni, who coached David Montgomery at Iowa State. Montgomery's abilities as both a runner and receiver make him a pretty ideal fit for the Sean Payton offense, and perhaps he will see it that way as well.

This running back market is so oversaturated that it wouldn't surprise me to see a player who has even as big of a name as Montgomery come at an extremely team-friendly price. The Broncos could look to bring back Chase Edmonds, who was part of last year's Bradley Chubb trade, but right now he counts too much against the 2023 salary cap and will need to take a pay cut to stay, in all likelihood.