Denver Broncos free agency predictions: Loading up on offense

Sayre Bedinger
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2. Sign TE Foster Moreau to a three-year deal

A lot of people will scoff at this because, like I said in the opening, the tight end position is not exactly the biggest "need" area for the Denver Broncos in 2023, but there are good players available that can really help propel this offense forward under Sean Payton.

Foster Moreau is one of them.

There are a couple of major connections to be aware of when it comes to Foster Moreau and the Denver Broncos. First, the team recently hired John Morton as pass game coordinator and Morton was on the Raiders' coaching staff from 2019-2021. Moreau was drafted by the Raiders in 2019 so Morton was there for three of his first four years.

The Broncos also recently hired Austin King as an assistant offensive line coach. King was Moreau's position coach with the Raiders in 2020.

Moreau can come in and have an instant impact as both a blocker and a receiver. He's such a well-rounded player at the position and gives you another weapon in the passing game as well as someone that can play in line and be a factor in the running game.

Plus, we know how much George Paton seems to value high RAS guys, and Moreau is exactly that.