Denver Broncos free agency predictions: Loading up on offense

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The Denver Broncos don't have any picks in the first two rounds of the 2023 NFL Draft, so they are going to have to get aggressive when it comes to NFL free agency. The team is poised to lose potentially a few big names in free agency, starting with Dre'Mont Jones and Dalton Risner. Alex Singleton, a standout from last year's free agency haul, could also be on his way out.

When you look at the Broncos' roster right now, and try to project a depth chart for year one of the Sean Payton era, it's clear that this team has plenty of needs to begin addressing when the legal negotiating period opens up on Monday afternoon.

Denver Broncos top needs in 2023 NFL Free Agency

1. Right tackle
2. Center
3. Left Guard
4. Defensive Line
5. Wide Receiver
6. Running Back
7. Backup QB
8. Linebacker
9. Tight End

You can really shuffle those needs however you want to, and perhaps the team will view some as priorities over other when it comes to free agency. For example, it's not going to always be the case where the strength of free agency lines up with your team's top needs. There could be a really great fit for the Broncos in free agency at tight end that they spend money on, which may not make a ton of sense to people because it's down the list of priorities.

But that doesn't make it a bad signing or investment. Considering this team's current areas of need, some of the best potential fits around free agency, and what the Broncos could do with that Walmart money, let's make some official predictions, shall we?