4 difficult decisions Broncos will need to make this offseason

Denver has an eventful offseason on the horizon, one way or another.

Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson
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3. Trade Jerry Jeudy or Courtland Sutton to help get under salary cap?

At the moment, the Broncos aren't exactly in a great place in terms of the salary cap. For now, they're projected to be about $23 million, give or take, over the cap. There are a few ways the team could get under the cap, such as reaching extensions with a couple of key players or even releasing guys like Tim Patrick or D.J. Jones.

But, one of the more likely moves the team will make is to trade one of Jerry Jeudy or Courtland Sutton. Last season, both wide receivers were subject of many trade rumors before the deadline passed. Of course, neither one of them were dealt as the Broncos were confident they could try and turn their season around.

This offseason, though, a trade of either one of them could be on the horizon. If Jeudy was traded, the Broncos would save almost $13 million against the cap. Sutton, meanwhile, would give them almost $10 million back. Either one of them seems to be a logical candidate for a trade, especially considering the fact that Denver would love to have some draft capital back.