Denver Broncos Day 2 mock draft: Crazy value from best available talent

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2023 NFL Draft: Denver Broncos Day 2 mock draft

1. Darnell Washington, TE, Georgia

What seemed like a pipe dream just a few weeks ago now looks like it might be a distinct reality. The Denver Broncos had a number of other tight ends in for pre-draft including Luke Musgrave of Oregon State and Luke Schoonmaker of Michigan. Quite frankly, neither of those guys offers the same level of size, speed, blocking, and pass-catching ability that you're getting from Georgia's Darnell Washington.

Now some of you will see this pick and write it off because Darnell Washington is simply not making it to the Denver Broncos at pick no. 67 overall. That may end up being the case, so maybe the Broncos throw a 2024 third-round pick at a team and see if that will entice them enough to move back a bit. Either way, this tight end class is loaded, and everyone but Dalton Kincaid fell to the second round. There will almost undoubtedly be competition for this position group in round two so if the Broncos feel like they need a three-down, dual-threat kind of player at the position, they might need to get aggressive.

And it just so happens that the best dual-threats at the position (guys who can block and be a factor in the passing game) are still sitting out there.

Some will wonder why a tight end when the team already has Greg Dulcich. The answer to that lies in what the Broncos are seeking at this position. The need someone who can pave the road in the running game as well as factor in the passing game. Dulcich, as much as he may have improved last year, is not that traditional in-line type of guy. Chris Manhertz can block, but he's not striking fear in anyone as a receiver at this point.

Darnell Washington could do exactly that. So could guys like Michael Mayer, Luke Schoonmaker, and Luke Musgrave for that matter. Regardless, I feel like the Broncos are targeting a big-bodied tight end who can stay on the field all the time, and I think we'll see their desire for one manifest someway, somehow on Friday.

Alternate options possibly available at TE: Luke Musgrave, Luke Schoonmaker, Tucker Kraft