Denver Broncos conclude 2023 OTAs: Caden Sterns shines

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Courtland Sutton hopes to emulate Michael Thomas' game

In his Thursday presser, WR Courtland Sutton met with the media for the first time in several months and spoke about his recent studies of New Orleans Saints WR Michael Thomas. Sutton said he recently got a cut-up of all 185 targets from Thomas' historic season in 2019 in which he eclipsed 1,700 receiving yards and broke the NFL record for the most receptions in a regular season with a whopping 149 catches.

Sutton also mentioned how he plans to implement elements of Thomas' game into his own and is intrigued by how he was able to create separation and get open for his QB. As a Broncos fan, you have to love this simply due to the comparable skillsets and body frames between Sutton and Thomas.

In 2019, Sutton put together a Pro-Bowl season accumulating 1,112 receiving yards and six touchdown receptions, despite having three different starting quarterbacks throughout the year. Not only does Sutton want to get back to his 2019-self, but he hopes to take on the 'Michael Thomas role' in Sean Payton's offense in 2023.