5 can't-miss quarterbacks to replace Russell Wilson in 2024

The Broncos have quite the mess to clean up this coming offseason.

Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson
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4. Drake Maye, North Carolina, 2024 NFL Draft Prospect

Back to the 2024 NFL Draft, and now looking at scenarios where the Broncos would have to trade up, let's talk about North Carolina's Drake Maye. Some experts have Maye as the no. 1 quarterback in the class, which might have sounded crazy a year ago. But, Maye does look every bit of your prototypical quarterback.

At 6-foot-4, 232 pounds, Maye has your ideal build for the position. Come time for the NFL Combine, you might end up falling in love with Maye's arm more so than any other quarterback in the class. He throws the ball with excellent velocity and really lets it rip. He can 'make all of the throws," as they say.

To go along with his NFL-caliber arm, Maye also possesses some mobility. He's able to escape the pocket and make throws on the run, but also make plays with his legs when needed. He's rushed for over 1,100 yards in the last two seasons with the Tar Heels while scoring 16 touchdowns, as well.

One other thing you like to see from up-and-coming quarterbacks is the talent of throwing with anticipation, and Maye does that pretty well. A lot of quarterbacks cannot see the route breaking before it actually breaks, but Maye makes those throws routinely. He understands where to place the ball and trusts his receivers to be there.