5 can't-miss quarterbacks to replace Russell Wilson in 2024

The Broncos have quite the mess to clean up this coming offseason.

Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson
Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson / Thomas Shea-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Kirk Cousins, 2024 Free Agent

Should the Broncos decide to go the route of a veteran via free agency, then there's only one guy worth targeting: Kirk Cousins. Now, the Minnesota Vikings are missing him dearly at the moment, and for all the fans wanting the team to go in a different direction, the state of the team might be swaying them back toward wanting Minnesota to keep Cousins on board, now.

Cousins has been a very good quarterback for many years now. The 35-year-old has thrown for 4,000 yards in seven different seasons and was well on his way to another one this year, if he didn't get hurt.

Cousins is your typical pocket passer who can dice up defenses if given good enough protection, although he's had some phenomenal seasons with subpar offensive line play -- both in Washington and Minnesota. The thing that's kept him as good as he's ever been is the privilege of playing with Justin Jefferson, and now, Jordan Addison.

In Denver, Cousins would have Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy as his top options, which are more than good enough for Cousins to have success with. Cousins is a "win now" type of guy at this stage in his career, and the Broncos would have to convince him that they are ready to do so.