3 best landing spots for Russell Wilson and 2 potential disasters

Will Russ cook in 2023? If so, where?

Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson
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Potential Disaster: Washington Commanders

We still don't know what is going to happen with current Washington Commanders offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. He has interviewed for several head coaching vacancies over the years, and has yet to get one.

If he ends up sticking around Washington as the offensive coordinator, though, I could see it ending poorly should the Commanders go after Wilson this offseason.

Bieniemy has been said to be a "tough, hard-nosed" coach. In fact, those words were said by Bieniemy himself last year:

"Eric Bieniemy is who he is. Eric Bieniemy knows how to adapt and adjust. Eric Bieniemy is a tough, hard-nosed coach, but also understand I'm going to be the biggest and harshest critic, but also their No. 1 fan because I've got their back."

From what we know about Wilson's experience with coaches attempting to put him in his place, that doesn't end well.

Of course, Washington could end up drafting a quarterback at no. 2 overall and all of this becomes a moot point. But, if the Commanders were to even entertain bringing in Wilson, it could spell trouble for the veteran if he's unwilling to adapt to Bieniemy.