3 best landing spots for Russell Wilson and 2 potential disasters

Will Russ cook in 2023? If so, where?

Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson
Denver Broncos, Russell Wilson / Candice Ward/GettyImages
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Potential Disaster: Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have a quarterback problem. They don't seem completely confident in Kenny Pickett to be their guy going forward. Mason Rudolph also isn't a long-term answer. So, the quarterback room could see some changes. Would they entertain the possibility of going after Wilson?

From what we know about Russ, he has been unwilling to adapt to what coaches have wanted from him at times. If you think Wilson refusing to alter his contract for Sean Payton and company was bad, imagine what kind of troubles he could walk into with Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh.

Tomlin is known to be a no-nonsense type of guy, and I could definitely see he and Wilson clashing if this marriage were to happen.

Wilson wants to come across as the nice guy, but something tells me behind the scenes that isn't always quite the case. This could be speculation, because I do not know him personally. But, if you were to tell me that Wilson and Tomlin could co-exist, I wouldn't believe you. Tomlin's coaching style, and his willingness to make a change, specifically at quarterback, may not bode well for Wilson in Pittsburgh.