Broncos 7 stock up (& 2 stock down) following big win over Chiefs

Who's stock is moving up or down this week following a massive win over the Kansas City Chiefs?

Kansas City Chiefs v Denver Broncos
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Denver Broncos Stock Down:

QB Russell Wilson

While quarterback Russell Wilson did toss three touchdowns in the victory, it's time to have a real conversation about his future in Denver and skillset in general. He may have played a clean game not turning the ball over and managing the offense to a respectable degree however, his horrible pocket presence and habit of holding onto the ball for very long periods of time could have potentially cost the Broncos points at times.

Denver's newly constructed and improved offensive line did a terrific job blocking for the quarterback and gave him plenty of time to throw the football. However, for three straight weeks, Wilson has drastically struggled to see the field and almost escapes the pocket from non-existent pressure putting the offense in a very disadvantageous spot.

Finishing the game with 12 completions of nineteen pass attempts, Wilson struggled with accuracy at times and missed multiple opportunities for chunk plays. Holding onto the football for an unnecessary amount of time is hurting the offense and seems to be his biggest issue, despite having the opportunity to throw the ball away almost every single time. Despite the defense and special teams combining for five total turnovers against the Chiefs and the run game working to near perfection, Wilson was extremely unproductive with the football in his hands.

WR Marvin Mims Jr.

Another week, another decrease in the stock of rookie wide receiver Marvin Mims Jr. In no way, form, or fashion is this the fault of Mims Jr. It ultimately falls on coaches for the lack of playing time given and in all honesty does not make much sense. Sean Payton has played a good amount of young players over previous weeks due to the departures of Randy Gregory, Frank Clark, and Essang Bassey.

However, even after losing wide receiver Brandon Johnson to the injured reserve, Mims Jr. received just one target through all four quarters and had significantly less playing time than practice squad wide receivers Lil'Jordan Humphrey and Tre'Quan Smith who was signed just four weeks ago. Perhaps this is due to Mims Jr.'s lack of ability to run block at a high level like veteran Lil'Jordan Humphrey has shown.


However, when you trade up for an explosive deep threat like Mims Jr. who has 24.6 yards per reception this season, you have to award him playing time at some point to ignite the passing game. Simply does not make sense that he is in the dog house and receives little to no playing time.

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