Denver Broncos 6 roster sleepers on offense for 2023 season

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Denver Broncos 2023 roster sleeper: Tommy Hudson, TE

The Denver Broncos have done a lot to make changes at the tight end position over the last couple of years. They drafted Greg Dulcich in 2022, who now appears poised to be one of the top breakout players on the roster. They added Chris Manhertz as a primary blocking specialist in the 2023 offseason. They also traded for Adam Trautman during the 2023 NFL Draft.

With Albert Okwuegbunam also on the roster, it could be difficult for any sleeper at the tight end position to really carve out a role or even make the team in the first place. But if you can block? Well, you might just have a place on this roster.

The Denver Broncos are going to be running the ball a lot in 2023. Presumably, at least. Sean Payton wants to develop a physical identity in the trenches and a player like Tommy Hudson -- whose specialty is blocking -- could help give them exactly that.

Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton made a comment a couple of weeks ago that, regarding tryout players at minicamp, he and his staff don't want to have guys in the building, let them get away to another team, and then hear about their success with another team. Hudson tried out for the Broncos at their initial rookie minicamp and wasn't signed.

Not until a couple of weeks later.

Perhaps he showed enough that this coaching staff and scouting department determined there's more than meets the eye. Considering he has prior NFL experience, a player like Hudson could make himself very hard to cut.