Denver Broncos 53-man roster prediction post-2023 NFL Draft

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Denver Broncos post-draft roster predictions: Defensive backs

Cornerback: 6 - 39/53

- Pat Surtain II
- Damarri Mathis
- K'Waun Williams
- Riley Moss
- Tremon Smith
- Ja'Quan McMillian

The Broncos have one of the NFL's best cornerbacks in Pat Surtain II, which means whoever is playing on the opposite side of the field is going to generate a lot of action in 2023. With teams likely avoiding throwing Surtain's way as much as possible (again) in 2023, the odds-on favorite to get that role right now is Damarri Mathis.

Mathis had a tremendous rookie season overall after a rocky start, and GM George Paton said this offseason that the team views him as a starter long-term.

The one player that I think will be nipping at Mathis' heels is newcomer Riley Moss, the rookie out of Iowa. The Broncos obviously paid a hefty price to get Moss in the building, so don't be surprised if he ends up making a huge impact and even cracking the starting lineup.

The slot position will once again be manned by K'Waun Williams, but who will be his backup between Essang Bassey and Ja'Quan McMillian? As of right now, I'm going with the promising young McMillian, a former All-American at East Carolina.

Free agent signing Tremon Smith is considered a top-tier special teams player and fills out the depth of this group.

Safety: 5 - 44/53

- Justin Simmons
- Caden Sterns
- PJ Locke
- Delarrin Turner-Yell
- JL Skinner

I don't know if there's a more straightforward group on the roster currently than this one. Although it is going to be a fun position to watch play out because Caden Sterns would be a first-time starter, the only thing that would really complicate this position from a 53-man roster projection standpoint is if Kareem Jackson comes back.

Would you then swap him out for Delarrin Turner-Yell? JL Skinner? I think you could make those small adjustments for for the time being, I like this setup for Denver in terms of these guys contributing not only defensive but for Locke, DTY, and Skinner, heavily on special teams as well.