Denver Broncos 53-man roster prediction post-2023 NFL Draft

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Denver Broncos 53-man roster predictions post-NFL Draft

Tight End: 3 - 28/53

- Greg Dulcich
- Adam Trautman
- Chris Manhertz

Although there are some question marks with the health of Greg Dulcich after his rookie year in the NFL, I actually quite like this tight end group the team has assembled. Going into the 2023 NFL draft, there were rumors about the Broncos perhaps prioritizing tight end with their top pick, but the guys that were realistically on their radar simply didn't fall to their top pick at no. 67 overall, or even within reasonable trade-up distance. The team couldn't really mortgage a ton of capital to move up for Luke Schoonmaker or Luke Musgrave, so the compromise was a guy with a nearly identical athletic and physical profile: Adam Trautman.

The former third-round pick in New Orleans gets a change of scenery and comes to Denver where the Broncos now have the holy trinity of tight ends. They have a guy who is clearly a receiver first in Dulcich. They have another guy in Chris Manhertz who is essentially an extension of the offensive line with 24 receptions but 104 career games played. And now they have a guy in Trautman, who might be slightly limited in terms of his overall potential but is going to eat up snaps with his ability to block and be a receiver.

I think a lot of people are giving Albert Okwuegbunam the same "every year is a breakout year" treatment that Virgil Green once got in Denver (if you know, you know), but it might be time for both sides to move on. Okwuegbunam has been the subject of plenty of criticism since he came into the league, and while he has physical talent, he just hasn't been able to put anything together consistently.

To reiterate, while I don't think Lil'Jordan Humphrey is a traditional "tight end" I think you have a guy who is a big slot, flex type of player who has done plenty of catching and blocking in a limited sample size at the NFL level.