Denver Broncos 5 worst draft picks during George Paton era

Who are the 5 worst Broncos draft picks under GM George Paton since 2021?

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4. TE Greg Dulcich

Denver Broncos tight end Greg Dulcich has had a very frustrating start to his young career, especially in year two. The 23-year-old tight end out of UCLA has suffered three hamstring strains/pulls since entering the league. Despite producing north of 400 receiving yards in just six games started in his rookie season, Dulcich's right hamstring has continued to prevent him from seeing the field and has resulted in just 32 snaps and 25 receiving yards this season.

While Dulcich did not have injury issues coming out of college, the draft pick never made a ton of sense considering tight end was not as severe of a need as George Paton thought in the third round. Sean Payton will likely be searching for a new starting tight end with high abilities in the passing game due to the failed experiment of Dulcich.

3. DE Eyioma Uwazurike

Fourth-round pick Eyioma Uwazurike out of Iowa State has been a horrible draft selection all around. The defensive end has already turned 25 years old and is currently serving an indefinite suspension from the NFL after betting on games during his rookie season. An additional five players from Uwazurike's college team were also suspended for gambling as well. While this was an issue Paton probably never saw coming, Uwazurike was never really the player the Broncos thought they were drafting in the fourth round.

In just eight games in 2022, he totaled 17 tackles, two quarterback hits, and a pass breakup. In totality, Uwazurike truly never looked explosive in any capacity and had very few flashes towards the end of the season. The young defensive end was even being outperformed by sixth-round rookie Matt Henningsen who was selected two rounds after him. And due to his suspension, he'll likely struggle to see playing time in the NFL for the rest of his career.