Denver Broncos 5 stock up, 3 stock down following Week 7 win vs. Packers

Who's stock is trending up or down this week following a win over the Green Bay Packers?
Denver Broncos
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Denver's defense played very exceptional all game long and deserves more credit than the media is awarding the group. While Green Bay's offense certainly may not be the most talented group in the NFL, they came into the matchup with the 13th-highest-scoring offense in the league against the NFL's worst-ranked defense in the Broncos. The defense made plays when it mattered and defensive coordinator Vance Joseph called a very solid game. If not for two very lucky touchdowns by Packers wide receivers Romeo Doubs (referees made the wrong call) and Jayden Reed, Denver's defense potentially could have held Matt LaFleur's offense to just nine total points.

S PJ Locke

How about Broncos backup safety PJ Locke in the fourth quarter? Starter Kareem Jackson was ejected in the final quarter after an "illegal hit" to a defenseless receiver that certainly appears to be the wrong call made by the officials. However, Locke entered the game in place of Jackson starting alongside Justin Simmons, and immediately made an impact on the secondary.

On his very first drive, he made two key tackles preventing Green Bay from converting first downs and even prevented a touchdown as well. His biggest play of the evening though came late in the game when he intercepted Jordan Love and effectively sealed the win for the Broncos. Locke's first career pick arrived at the perfect time for the Mile High City.

K Wil Lutz

Converting all four of his field goal attempts during Sunday's matchup, it would be wrongdoing to not list new kicker Wil Lutz under the 'stock up' report. Lutz nailed the 52-yard game-winner in the fourth quarter to help defeat the Packers 19-17 and ultimately sealed his fate as Denver's franchise kicker for the foreseeable future.