Denver Broncos 5 stock up, 3 stock down following 16th straight loss to Chiefs

Who's stock is moving up or down following an abysmal offensive performance in primetime?
Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs
Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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RB Javonte Williams

Broncos RB Javonte Williams looked very comfortable breaking tackles against Kansas City's defense but most importantly, was showing a burst that we have yet to see this season. The offensive line did a tremendous job executing their blocks in the run game and opening up holes, but Williams deserves his credit. The third-year running back rushed 10 times for 52 yards (5.2 yards per attempt) on the night.

It was interesting to see Sean Payton lean away from feeding Williams in the second half and how Russell Wilson did not target him at all coming out of the backfield. Javonte Williams has been a viable security blanket for quarterbacks in the past and needs to be a focal point for both the run and pass game in upcoming matchups.

Redzone defense/DC Vance Joseph

The defense may not have been pretty all night, especially struggling against Chiefs TE Travis Kelce however, if any TE is going to have a great night against Denver's secondary, I think I won't be losing any sleep knowing it was one of the best tight ends in NFL history. Defensive coordinator Vance Joseph, who has received tons of criticism over the course of the previous five games, called a very acceptable game on Thursday night.

Ranking historically bad against the run coming into the matchup, Denver's defense allowed just 96 rushing yards on 3.6 yards per attempt through all four quarters. Despite allowing 389 total yards, the Broncos' defense, dealing with numerous injuries, held Andy Reid's offense to just 19 points the entire game, even including three turnovers by the Broncos offense. What a remarkable turnaround by Vance Joseph's defense in Week 6.