Denver Broncos 5 bold predictions vs. Dolphins in Week 3

- Denver Broncos offense dropping over 35?

- Tua getting sacked 4+ times?

- 3 penalties or less?

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4. Tua Tagovailoa is sacked 4-plus times

Through the first two weeks of the season, the Miami Dolphins offensive line (coached by old pal Butch Barry) has only allowed Tua Tagovailoa to be sacked one time. It's not like they are pounding the ball on the ground and barely throwing it, either. They are protecting well, and they are hitting their downfield shots against teams.

This Miami passing attack really doesn't have many holes, but the Denver Broncos pass rush is going to have to create some. A bold prediction for this game is that Tagovailoa is sacked a whopping four (or more) times. We saw Jonathon Cooper, Nik Bonitto, and Randy Gregory get going a little bit against the Commanders. We saw Drew Sanders get into the mix a little bit.

Maybe the Broncos are on their way to some more consistent pass rush success. Getting pressure on Tua would be huge, and not just for the pass rush, but for the coverage units as well.

5. Broncos defense forces 3+ turnovers

Through two games, the Broncos have only forced one turnover (a red zone interception by Jimmy Garoppolo in Week 1) while the Dolphins have turned the ball over three times.

How about doubling that total for them -- at least -- here in Week 3? The Dolphins are willing to live with some of the feast and famine aspects of their potent passing attack, so there could be some turnover possibilities.


Especially if the Broncos can get to Tagovailoa in the pass-rush department, I think we could see a handful of turnovers in this game from Miami. Tagovailoa has two interceptions and four fumbles so far this year.

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