Denver Broncos 5 biggest organizational failures since Super Bowl 50

The Denver Broncos have made this bed, and they need to sleep in it.

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2. Hiring Vance Joseph in 2017 after Gary Kubiak stepped down

Another huge blunder was hiring Vance Joseph, who had a pretty weak resume at the time to be the head coach after Gary Kubiak stepped down. This was a puzzling move, and I remember where I was when the news broke. So, there's been this thing circulating for years about this situation that John Elway wanted to hire Kyle Shanahan and acquire Kirk Cousins, while Joe Ellis wanted to hire Vance Joseph and sign Case Keenum.

That's been talked about a few times over the years, and if that is indeed accurate, Ellis really messed this franchise up. Kyle Shanahan has been a marvelous head coach in the NFL after being hired by the San Francisco 49ers in the 2017 offseason. Kirk Cousins has also been one of the most efficient QBs in the NFL since that same time.

It's frustrating to think about what could have been with the potential paring of Shanahan and Cousins.

3. The years of veteran quarterbacks that didn't work

Trevor Siemian (kind of), Case Keenum, Joe Flacco, Teddy Bridgewater. The Denver Broncos tried a few times to stick a bad veteran QB into the lineup in hopes that the defense could do enough and the QB could just manage the game. Those days in the NFL are long gone, and both John Elway and George Paton are guilty of doing this.

I cannot believe I actually hyped myself up for all of those passers. To be fair, though, Siemian was pretty solid in 2016 and I bet could have taken a step forward in 2017 had Kubiak not stepped down. He's a much lesser example of this than Keenum, Flacco, and Bridgewater are.