Denver Broncos 4 stock up, 3 stock down following loss to 49ers

Which Denver Broncos players had their stock move up or down following their performance during Preseason Week 2?

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Stock down: QB Jarrett Stidham

His stat line may be deceiving, but his indecisiveness evidently showed during the game that the Broncos may have a problem on their hands. While it is still early in Jarrett Stidham's tenure in Denver and he is still learning all the pieces to Sean Payton's offense that is entirely new to him, very simple quarterback progressions that are required for every NFL quarterback to execute have seemed rather difficult for the fifth-year player. At times during Saturday's preseason matchup, Stidham continuously failed to recognize wide-open run lanes for first downs and instead threw incompletions with the markers just yards away.

Don't get me wrong, he looked fantastic during the two-minute drill to end the first half after subbing in for Wilson, but after the second-half kickoff, it didn't look too bright for the Broncos' new backup quarterback.


Stidham did complete 12 of his 17 passing attempts for 130 yards but did nearly throw two interceptions that were horribly thrown passes and his decision-making looked very off most of the night. It seems it's going to take a bit longer for Stidham's development in Payton's complex offense as the primary backup.

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