Denver Broncos 3 trade possibilities with the Eagles in 2023

- A starting linebacker to Philadelphia?

- Broncos adding at the RB position?

- 3 trade ideas that could boost both the Broncos and Eagles rosters

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3. WR KJ Hamler to the Philadelphia Eagles

One thing Philadelphia Eagles general manager Howie Roseman is great at doing is taking shots on reclamation projects or players who are on their "last chance" before hitting free agency. He's also not afraid to take calculated risks when the price is right. He's done that a number of times in his tenure as Eagles GM and a number of those types of players have really worked out well for him.

It also appears as though Roseman has taken a liking to the Denver Broncos' last couple of draft classes, swinging a trade a couple of years ago for Broncos 7th-round cornerback Kary Vincent Jr. and picking up 2020 7th-round pick Tyrie Cleveland last year.

We saw the Eagles add Olamide Zacchaeus in free agency so we know they are looking to add another element of speed to that position group. Adding all of that up, doesn't it seem like KJ Hamler is exactly the type of player Howie Roseman would go after?

Hamler was a second-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft out of Penn State. He'd be returning to the state where he became a top-flight NFL prospect and joining an offense that has had a ton of success the last two seasons both on the ground and through the air. It also wouldn't be shocking if the Eagles would see Hamler as a great option for them in the return game.


They traded Jalen Reagor to the Vikings last offseason, so perhaps this year they'd like to replace him with another one of his former 2020 NFL Draft classmates. The Broncos and Hamler recently re-worked his contract to basically incentivize it, not only making the contract more favorable for the Broncos but also more favorable for a team that might want to trade for Hamler.

If the Broncos don't see Hamler in their 2023 plans, the Philadelphia Eagles might be a great landing spot for him.

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