Denver Broncos 3 trade ideas with the Dallas Cowboys in 2023

NFC Divisional Playoffs - Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers
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3. Denver Broncos trade for QB Dak Prescott (future trade)

I know the article headline says 2023, but I think this is the most interesting potential trade that could happen between these two teams. The idea here is this trade coming in the 2024 NFL offseason, so somewhere within the next calendar year, and I see a viable path to where Prescott could be dealt.

If the Dallas Cowboys yet again fail to make noise in the playoffs, I think even more questions would develop about Prescott. He's been the starter in Dallas since 2016 and really has nothing to show for it besides some pretty stats in the regular season.

Jerry Jones did part with Ezekiel Elliott this offseason, so I think the idea of Prescott being traded is definitely something he'd consider. Well, if Russell Wilson doesn't play well for the Denver Broncos next year, the team may not waste much time with him. It would make no sense to keep Wilson on the roster at that point.

Ripping the Band-Aid off would be the right decision, but the Broncos would still have a talented roster and very good head coach. Sean Payton might not want to yet take a chance on a QB in the draft. He might rather make a trade for someone like Prescott, who would give them a chance to win and would surely be better than Russell Wilson.

With Payton having final roster say, it's not like the ghost of the Russell Wilson trade would be affecting him, ya know?

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