Denver Broncos 3 trade ideas with the Arizona Cardinals for 2023

Could the Denver Broncos strike up a deal with the rebuilding Arizona Cardinals in 2023?
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Denver Broncos three trade ideas with the Arizona Cardinals for 2023

2. Denver Broncos trade for TE Zach Ertz

Another aging veteran who clearly is not part of the long-term plan in Arizona is Zach Ertz, one of the better tight ends in the NFL this generation. Ertz was traded to the Cardinals by the Philadelphia Eagles and has put up 980 receiving yards in 21 total games for the Cards.

Ertz has been pretty consistent over his career. He eclipsed the 1,000-yard mark back in 2018, catching 116 passes during that campaign. Over his 10-year career, Ertz's 17-game average comes out to 81 receptions for 856 yards and five touchdowns. That kind of production from the tight end spot is quite impressive.

He's under contract for two more seasons and does have a cap hit in 2023 of over $11 million. If a trade were to be facilitated, a restructured deal would have to happen. The trade itself is very doable for Arizona, who'd save over $9 million by making this move.

This would again be a logical move for a rebuilding team and would give the Denver Broncos another viable option on offense. Ertz may not be his 2018 self, but the 32-year-old can definitely still play. I bet the Broncos could do some type of pick swap with the Cardinals to make this trade happen.

Acquiring Zach Ertz should not cost much at all for Denver, so this would be a very logical low-risk, high-reward type of move that a team wanting to win now would make.