Denver Broncos 3 trade ideas with the Indianapolis Colts in 2023

Could the Denver Broncos strike a trade with the Indianapolis Colts?

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3. Denver Broncos acquire DT DeForest Buckner

One of the best defensive linemen in the NFL that no one talks about anymore is DeForest Bucker, who began his career with the San Francisco 49ers back in 2016. Bucker has been the model of consistency along the defensive line for years. He's entering his age-29 season and has just two years left on his contract.

Now, to be fair, the defensive line is becoming more like the offensive line as players who are approaching 30 and even older are still able to cash in and play well even with their advanced age. Bucker had eight sacks and 22 QB hits in 2022. He's never had less than three sacks and 14 hits in any season during his career and has missed just two games over his career.

His 17-game average comes out to eight sacks, 10 tackles for loss, and 21 QB hits per season, which is insane production from the defensive interior. Well, in seeing the Denver Broncos' initial depth chart, the defensive line is not that inspiring outside of Zach Allen and DJ Jones. Jonathan Harris is slated as the other starter at defensive end, but I think this defense takes itself to a new level if Bucker is in that place.

The Colts could not only get a high draft pick for his services, but they'd save nearly $15 million in cap space by making the trade in 2023. Overall, if the Colts are clearly not a playoff team by the time the trade deadline comes around in the 2023 NFL season, they will surely make a trade or two if the prices are right.


A rebuilding team can aid itself in a great way by acquiring more draft picks and opening up cap space. The Chicago Bears have done that over the last couple of seasons and are certainly trending in the right direction.

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