Denver Broncos 3 stock up, 4 stock down following abysmal loss in Detroit

Whose stock is moving up or down after a tough Week 15 loss in Detroit?

Denver Broncos
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Offensive Line

Arguably the biggest reason for Denver's offensive trouble was their inability to protect the quarterback on an every-down basis and create sizable run gaps for running back Javonte Williams. Williams had essentially nowhere to run the football and as a result, rushed for just 27 yards on 12 attempts in the contest. Sean Payton's offense heavily relies on running the football efficiently and at a high volume however, was never able to find a rhythm due to the offensive line being manhandled by Detroit's front seven.

Quarterback Russell Wilson had virtually no time throughout the game and most of his completed passes were under extreme duress due to blitzes not being picked up or players losing their one-on-one matchups. The Broncos offense simply got dominated in the trenches and was a massive reason for why Russell Wilson and Javonte Williams were never able to dictate the game and lead more scoring drives.

LB Josey Jewell

Broncos linebacker Josey Jewell arguably had the worst game in his last two years in Denver. From missing multiple tackles to being a liability in run defense, it was a horrible performance from the sixth-year linebacker. Despite leading the team in tackles Saturday night, his effort and failure to capitalize on opportunities just made Denver's performance on defense that much worse.


Forgettable night for the linebacker who has just three games remaining on his contract before becoming an unrestricted free agent in 2024.

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