Denver Broncos 3 stock up, 4 stock down following abysmal loss in Detroit

Whose stock is moving up or down after a tough Week 15 loss in Detroit?

Denver Broncos
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Denver Broncos Stock Down:

CB Fabian Moreau

It was a rough game for starting cornerback Fabian Moreau, to say the least. Beaten on multiple routes throughout the game, Moreau has recently begun to show more of his weaknesses than strengths. Granted, the Broncos' defense was on the field for an unreasonable amount of time. However, Moreau was simply picked on in coverage Saturday night and will need to be a quick fix for the final three games of the season if the Broncos defense wants to keep their offense in games.

S P.J. Locke

Like Fabian Moreau, Broncos safety P.J. Locke was shaken on a chunk of routes throughout the game and was simply a liability in coverage at times. While he did not have the worst game, there were definitely a few too many plays by Detroit's offense that banked on Locke's inability to cover receivers consistently in zone coverage. To make matters worse, Locke also did not have his best game tackling defenders missing about two or three tackles in the loss.