Denver Broncos 3 offensive players to watch in Preseason Week 1

- A young WR

- Rookie star at RB in the making?

- 7th-round sleeper

Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos
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2. RB Jaleel McLaughlin

The biggest winner of the offseason and training camp thus far is no other than undrafted rookie RB Jaleel McLaughlin as he is another offensive player to watch against the Cardinals.

McLaughlin appears to have a few big plays every practice and is labeled as one of the "winners" every practice. The third-string running back spot is still up for grabs but it's looking very likely that it's McLaughlin's job to lose.

Just like Broncos Country, I am very excited to see McLaughlin play this week. We've heard nothing but great things about him and the way he attacks the game. Payton has praised him multiple times throughout training camp and if there is anyone that knows about running backs, it's the guru himself.

McLaughlin can see a lot of playing time against the Cardinals so it'll be interesting to see how many touches he gets and for how long. Nonetheless, he is one to watch not only for this game against the Cardinals but for the rest of the preseason.