Denver Broncos 3 bold predictions for Week 5 vs. NY Jets

3 bold predictions for Denver Broncos vs. NY Jets in Week 5

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3. The Broncos win, and the Jets score...16 points

The number 16 may soon need to be permanently deleted from the annals of Denver Broncos history as the entirety of last season, it left a horrendous taste in everyone's mouths. The Broncos averaged 16.9 points per game last season, the worst scoring output in franchise history, and they scored 16 points on four occasions last season.

Needless to say, when the team opened up the year with a 17-16 loss against the Las Vegas Raiders, fans were having nightmares about the offensive ineptitude of 2022.

The irony here would be so heavy, and so rich, if the Denver Broncos could get a win against the New York Jets on Sunday and also limit the Jets to just 16 points scored. I'm calling my shot and saying Denver will do just that.


Even if other predictions on this list don't come true, you could see a path to 16 points as being pretty realistic for the Jets. That would give them four scoring drives, but it would also mean the Denver Broncos defense bent and didn't break. I could absolutely see that being the case as the Broncos have struggled to stop anything in the last three games after "holding" the Raiders to 17 points in Week 1 (even though that figure is slightly deceiving).

Could the Denver Broncos have a bit of a defensive resurgence against the Jets? It's a tall order, but you never know in the NFL.

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