Denver Broncos: 3 biggest things to watch out for in Week 2 against Washington

Can the Denver Broncos get their first win of the season in Week 2?

Washington Football Team v Denver Broncos
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3. Can we please see some pass rush?

Washington Commanders' QB Sam Howell got sacked a whopping seven times in Week 1, and the Arizona Cardinals do not have any pass rushers of note, so I am begging to see some type of pass rush from the Denver Broncos. That's all I ask.

In Week 1, the Broncos weren't able to sack Jimmy Garoppolo one time, which was a huge disappointment. The big issue with Denver's stable of pass rushers is that there isn't a true No. 1 player. I think during any given week, all of Frank Clark, Randy Gregory, Jonathon Cooper, Nik Bonitto, and even Zach Allen can be that guy.

And that's a problem. I am surely hoping the Broncos' pass rush can put something together against a very bad Commanders' offensive line. If not, we'd have to start talking about this defense as potentially being one of the worst in the NFL. We saw that the secondary got worked quite a bit in Week 1, and if the pass rush isn't going to show much, the only thing this defense may be able to hang their hats on is the run stopping.

If Denver had had any type of pass rush in Week 1, they probably would have won the game. The defense simply could not get off the field, which limited the offense to only have six possessions, which was the lowest a Broncos' offense had since 2000. Denver needs to get a W on Sunday, and I think the single most important part of the team that needs to show up is the pass rush.

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Yes, it goes without saying that Russell Wilson needs to play well, but he did indeed play very well in Week 1, and I am not all that concerned about the offense when Jerry Jeudy returns to the lineup.