Denver Broncos: 3 big changes we can see in the next year

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Depending on how the 2023 season goes, we could end up seeing some significant changes on the roster and organizationally in the next year. Even though we've seen some significant change in the last year in Denver, there could be even more on the horizon depending on how the 2023 season goes.

To me, there is a ton at stake in 2023, even if there is another brand-new coaching staff. The urgency of the Walmart ownership group is honestly a breath of fresh air, and you can tell that time is ticking for certain people and players.

The last thing we want to see is the Broncos once again sporting a losing record in 2023, but I guess it's possible. Let's look at three big changes we could see in the next year depending on how the coming season goes.

Denver Broncos: 3 big changes we can see in the next year
1. Russell Wilson is cut during 2024 offseason

Financially, the Denver Broncos would have to eat over $30 million in dead cap and would not save money on their cap number, but it would still be a financially possible move to make. If Wilson only shows marginal improvement in 2023 or is as bad as he was in 2022, why would Sean Payton want to continue?

He's got no connections with Wilson in Denver and surely would not want to have to deal with a washed-up quarterback. Payton is going to get the chance to pick his own potential franchise quarterback, and that could come as soon as 2024 if Russell Wilson is no longer effective.

It would be a short stay for Wilson, but would still be a major change.