Denver Broncos: 3 best decisions team has made since George Paton took over

Even though the franchise is in a tough spot, they have still made some pretty good decisions here and there.

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3. Acquiring Sean Payton to be the head coach

No one said Sean Payton would come in and instantly have this Denver Broncos team back to being a contending one. It's not an easy thing to do, and Payton probably has a bit more work to do than he originally thought, but he brings a Hall of Fame resume to Denver, including over 150 regular season wins, a Super Bowl title, and a winning playoff record.

His offensive expertise is also evident, never ranking lower than 12th in points scored in any year as a head coach besides 2021 when his starting QB Jameis Winston tore his ACL. Right now, he's made quick work of the offense, as the unit ranks 10th in the NFL in points scored and QB Russell Wilson looks like an elite signal caller once again.

Payton has struggled just a bit over his HC career in building up defense, but he was able to field a strong unit in New Orleans from 2017-2021, so he does have experience on this side of the ball. Payton also has the final say with roster moves, and he's had just one offseason under his belt to bring in the players and coaches he wants.


I would expect that we'd see Sean Payton continue to retool and rebuild this roster the way he wants. He's never won less than seven games as a head coach and is simply one of the best of this generation. The Denver Broncos are lucky that they have him in their building.

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