Denver Broncos: 3 best decisions team has made since George Paton took over

Even though the franchise is in a tough spot, they have still made some pretty good decisions here and there.

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2. Drafting Quinn Meinerz

I get that the offensive guard spot is not a super valuable position in the NFL, but it today's league, it's imperative to have quality OL play if a team wants to win. Fortunately, Denver does seem to have that through four games in 2023, and Meinerz is a big reason for it.

The third-year guard came from a Division III school and has looked every bit like a franchise player along the OL for Denver. In fact, PFF ranked Meinerz as the 12th-best guard in football ahead of the 2023 NFL season. Through 32 games, he's been called for just five penalties, and according to Pro Football Reference, he's played 1,615 snaps on offense in the NFL.

He's simply an all-around strong guard. If you care about PFF grades, Meinerz grades out at 72.6 in 2023, which is an above-average number. It's nice that the Broncos have some good, young pieces along the OL, as this team has had shaky OL play for years. Quinn Meinerz should be a priority contract extension for the team as soon as this offseason.