Denver Broncos: 3 best decisions team has made since George Paton took over

Even though the franchise is in a tough spot, they have still made some pretty good decisions here and there.

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Even though the Denver Broncos have made some pretty awful decisions over the last three offseasons, there are a few that stick out as being phenomenal choices. Let's go over those. I do think George Paton should be fired, but it's not like the third-year GM has made all bad decisions.

In fact, he's made some very good decisions here and there. I do think almost every GM in the NFL who ends up losing their job still has a move or two that they can hang their hat on. The Denver Broncos are not in a great spot, but bits and pieces of the team provide reasons to be encouraged. Which three decisions stand out as being the best that the team has made since George Paton took over?

Denver Broncos: 3 best decisions team has made since George Paton took over

1. Drafting Patrick Surtain II

George Paton's first draft pick will surely end up being his best. Patrick Surtain II was the Denver Broncos' first-round pick back in the 2021 NFL Draft. The team still had a need for a franchise QB, but Paton decided to pass over Justin Fields and Mac Jones for Surtain, who is already the best cornerback in football.

Paton then famously said he thought it was harder to find franchise corners than quarterbacks. Justin Fields went a couple of picks after Surtain, and Fields still has not been able to consistently show that he's a franchise QB. And he may never do that. Right now, drafting Surtain was the right move, and is (hopefully) a player that is here for the long term.