Denver Broncos 2024 success hinges on these three major factors

These three huge factors will dictate the success of the team in 2024.
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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Was the correct defensive personnel added?

The Denver Broncos have several new faces across the defense like John Franklin-Myers, Malcolm Roach, Angelo Blackson, Jonah Elliss, Cody Barton, Levi Wallace, and Brandon Jones, among others. Denver did clearly embrace fixing their weakest parts of this unit, which allowed a metric ton of yardage in 2023.

It didn't seem like the scheme that defensive coordinator Vance Joseph was running was the issue, but rather it felt more like a personnel problem, so simply put, the team just needed better players, and they got them. The Broncos don't have an elite defense on paper by any means, but the unit is significantly more stout up front now than it was at any point in 2023.

Games in the NFL are won and lost in the trenches, so this is a huge plus for Denver heading into the 2024 season.

Enough talent at RB to field a strong run game?

The Denver Broncos fielded an average run game in the 2023 NFL Season. Perhaps with Bo Nix being a better fit at QB, the Broncos run game can take a step forward. Javonte Williams will be one more year removed from his major knee injury in 2022, and the team did add a bruiser at RB in Audric Estime in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Right now, all of Williams, Estime, Samaje Perine, and Jaleel McLaughlin are in the room, but it's likely that one of them is traded or cut, and Perine seems to be the odd man out. A RB stable of Williams, Estime, and McLaughlin might be better on paper than what Denver had in 2023, and maybe them being another year immersed in the offense can help the unit perform better.

Having a strong running game is one of the single best things a team can do for their young QB. It's imperative that the Broncos have one of these in 2024 if Bo Nix wants to succeed, and more broadly, if the 2024 Denver Broncos want to be a competitive club.