Denver Broncos 2 stock up, 4 stock down following blowout loss to Miami Dolphins

Which Denver Broncos players are moving up or down in the stock report following Week 3?

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WR Courtland Sutton

Realistically, Broncos WR Courtland Sutton should have reeled in three touchdown passes courtesy of great throws by Russell Wilson. Despite totaling eight receptions for 91 yards and a touchdown, Sutton's two fumbles cost Denver two drives in which they likely would have either both scored a touchdown or a field goal. Instead, his poor ball security cost Denver needed points to keep themselves in the game late in the first half.

Granted, the Broncos' defense allowed 70 points, however, Sutton did not prove that he was worthy of his 11 received targets. Sutton also missed out on a great opportunity on a scramble drill in the endzone with a pass that flew right past his arms. His timing and concentration seemed off on the play and unfortunately cost the Broncos another touchdown.

WR Brandon Johnson

Broncos WR Brandon Johnson, who was coming off an impressive game where he hauled in two touchdown receptions, certainly did not have the best game in his hometown Miami, Florida. While they were questionable calls, Johnson was penalized for two plays in the red zone that brought back touchdown receptions from fellow WRs Courtland Sutton and Jerry Jeudy. Johnson ultimately sold Russell Wilson on a four-passing touchdown performance.


Throughout the game, Johnson also seemed to struggle with creating much separation as he found himself being targeted just three times all game. He may be the fourth-string WR as of now, but the second-year receiver will need to stack better performances than this one if he wishes to stay on the roster in future years.

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