Denver Broncos 2 stock up, 4 stock down following blowout loss to Miami Dolphins

Which Denver Broncos players are moving up or down in the stock report following Week 3?

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Denver Broncos Stock Down:

Entire Defense

There is no simpler way to describe the performance of the Denver Broncos defense on Sunday other than atrocious. From all aspects including tackling, one-on-one coverage, discipline, and many more fundamentals that every NFL defender should have polished were undoubtedly exposed by the entire of Denver's defense in Miami.

The Broncos defense allowed 726 total yards (second-most ever in an NFL game) and 70 points (most in a game since 1966) in utterly embarrassing fashion. Most players had already given up by the middle of the second quarter and it seems as if numerous players on that side of the ball believed the team had a bye week because hardly any players showed up to play.

Denver's defense allowed 350 total rush yards (203 to rookie RB Devon Achane) and registered just one QB hit all game. Granted, the pass rush was non-existent simply due to how quickly Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa was able to get the ball out after the snap as a result of poor secondary play. The Broncos defense had no answer and clearly no effective game plan for Miami's offensive attack on any cylinder and thus cost Denver their worst loss in franchise history.

DC Vance Joseph

For a second consecutive week, defensive coordinator Vance Joseph makes the 'stock down' list, and reasonably so. Anytime a defense allows 70 points in a single game and 40.7 points per game through the first three games of a season, there has to be blame put on the coach who oversees that phase of the ball.

Sean Payton and the Denver Broncos front office made a grave mistake bringing in Vance Joseph to reunite with the defense and it has shown to be one of the worst moves this franchise has made in quite some time. In no way, shape, or form is the defense a well-coached unit. In fact, you can make the argument it is one of the worst-coached defenses of all time. From horrible tackling to poor fundamentals in all aspects, it is a terrible unit and everyone sees that. Changes need to be made soon or else the team will suffer loss after loss thanks to Joseph's historically bad job as a coach.