Denver Broncos 10 best moves of the 2024 offseason

The Broncos nailed it with these moves
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3. Releasing QB Russell Wilson

The Denver Broncos made arguably the most unprecedented move in NFL history in 2024 when they cut quarterback Russell Wilson. I don't think the gravity of that has really set in because of everything that has transpired in the short weeks since the move took place, but the Broncos cut Wilson just two years after striking a blockbuster trade to acquire him.

They cut Wilson despite the fact that his contract extension with the team doesn't "officially" kick in until this year, even though Wilson was paid a lot of bonus money prior to 2024. To take on an $85 million dead money hit is unheard of in today's NFL, but it was a move the Broncos absolutely had to make. Wilson was simply not consistently getting the job done and entering his age 35/36 season, there was no reason to keep trying to dig out of the hole.

4. Bringing back WR Tim Patrick on a reduced deal

There were really only two options with Tim Patrick going into the 2024 offseason. Either the Broncos were going to cut Tim Patrick or find a way to bring him back on a reduced deal. Given all of the other cuts happening elsewhere on the roster, it's intriguing that Patrick decided he wanted to stay in Denver. It makes sense, given the fact that the Broncos are the most familiar with his medical history.

The Broncos saved salary cap space and brought Patrick back on a new one-year, $1.295 million deal. It's a low-risk, possible high-reward move to keep around a guy who has not been able to play since signing his three-year extension back in the 2021 season.