DeMarcus Ware still has nightmares about not sacking this one AFC West QB

The HOFer had plenty of sacks in his career, but still thinks about one he didn't get.

Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys
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DeMarcus Ware probably doesn't have too many regrets in his NFL career. The star linebacker was a first round pick who played in the league for 12 years, won a Super Bowl, and ended as a second ballot Hall of Famer. He's currently 9th all-time on the NFL sacks record list, and has even sung the national anthem at an NFL game. If you were a quarterback in the NFL at any point in the first 15 years of the 2000's, chances are you were sacked by Ware.

But there's still one QB he wishes he could have gotten to. When speaking to FanSided's "Stacking The Box" livestream at Radio Row on Thursday, Ware told the guys which QB he still wishes he could have sacked.

"Phillip Rivers," he said without missing a beat. "So, it took me 12 years to get a sack on Phillip Rivers. But it wasn't that hit where you know their lungs got crushed and laid on them, and you know that they felt that. It was one of those ones where he just slid. He said, 'All right DeMarcus, it's cool, you got me, you finally got your sack.' He knew. He knew because I talked about it all the time in interviews. And he slid down, and I just touched him. He said, 'You finally got your sack, and I'm going to retire next year anyways.' He's a trash talker. If I could rewind the tape, oh man, I wish he would have stayed up."

You know you're a Hall of Fame pass-rusher when the missed sack you still think about it still, you know, a sack. If anything, Ware's great story is yet another reminder that everyone in the NFL has a Phillip Rivers story. It doesn't matter what position you played, or what team you played for, if you interacted with Rivers, you came away with a great story.

You can watch all of Ware's interview – plus all the rest of Stacking The Box's great content from another busy day from Radio Row – right here.

DeMarcus Ware participated in this Super Bowl Media Week interview on behalf of the Super Bowl Bowling Classic, benefitting the NFL Foundation.


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